AJ & McCall 04/03/18

#FeelGoodTuesday this week features very helpful police and one of the best local good vibes we’ve ever gotten to take part of. What’s the best advice you have ever gotten from a stranger? Admittedly, AJ & McCall vent a little about some unnecessary advice they’ve gotten. Speaking of advice, McCall had a rough weekend and is need of de-stressing. Where is your happy place, what do you do to pick up your mood when you’re upset? Yesterday’s #DebateAt8 was the very adult argument of do you use top sheets, but today is going the opposite way and is very childish. How do you tie your shoes? AJ is bunny ears and McCall is loop, swoop and pull and thought those were the only two options, only to find out that we have five different ways to tie shoes. Fun fact, AJ had a band for all of three weeks in college and surprisingly AJ & McCall have never come up with band names before, so what would your band name be?