AJ & McCall 04/04/18

Anyone have a celebrity run-in that they didn’t realize at the time? Word of the Week Wednesday is a bit embarrassing for AJ & McCall because they didn’t realize they gave an Easter Egg to USU Quaterback Kent Myers, luckily our newsman Mitch Henline set the record straight. So instead of defining an auto-correct, just share your oblivious celebrity meetings. Yesterday McCall had a really rough day and cried, sad day, to which she always apologizes for. What silly thing do you say sorry for? For AJ he used to apologize for apologizing too much. And speaking of McCall’s rough day, she needs advice, but not just any advice! For the #DebateAt8 give us the best, which of course is the worst, cliche advice you never want to hear. We’ve got a new game for ya today called ‘Florida or Not’ and all you have to do is tell us if the crazy stories happened in Florida or somewhere else. Don’t forget today is our Facebook Live Q&A day with a chance to win Baby Animal Days tickets!