AJ & McCall 04/06/18

AJ & McCall both have a music background from high school but are still a little lost when it comes to this Saxmonica. There’s a Kickstarter campaign to make it happen, but we think we can come up with two better instruments that should be combined. How about some good vibes for a Friday, but also a challenge. Describe your significant other in just two words. We all miss not having bills and responsibilities and summer vacations, but is our peak age really 9? According to a survey that’s the case, but we’re using the #DebateAt8 to prove otherwise. Yes you don’t have responsibilities, but you also don’t have the freedom. AJ & McCall say the best ages fall between 16-24. What was your best year? The loser of #iPodIdol is getting waxed next week and the song is Marshmello and Anne-Marie ‘Friends’ but how do they have to sing it?