AJ & McCall 04/09/18

It’s Monday and shocker, some of us may be running a little behind today, so let’s prepare our excuse. It’s one of AJ & McCall’s favorite games, a predictive text game. Start the sentence with ‘I’m sorry I’m late but…’ and use your productive text to finish your excuse. A new study, from Utah, says that successful relationships hinge on doing the dishes. That single chore is the one that could break someone’s spirit. McCall agrees with it being dishes, but AJ says it should just be that relationships hinge on splitting the chores. What is the worst chore? Not sure if there’s re-runs of the Little Rascals movie going on constantly but there have been two stories that have gone viral of kids stacking themselves under a trench coat to get something they want. Let’s play VFX’s Kids Say the Silliest Things for the #DebateAt8! What’s the funniest lie your kid has ever told you? It looks like it could be a crushing defeat for one of AJ & McCall for this week’s #iPodIdol, so who’s going to get waxed?