AJ & McCall 04/10/18

So #FeelGoodTuesday is all about celebrating good vibes and sharing what’s good in the world, but today is about some advice. McCall has some trouble with turning down messages from people who she should just blow off and even taking some of those phone calls that the rest of us ignore. How do you avoid those unwanted messages? Why do people keep inventing sandwiches that no one wants? AJ is grossed out today by peanut butter and pickles and a french fry sandwich. Would you try either of these? And we go from AJ grossed out to McCall grossed out. How often do you change your undies? A recent study said that 30% of mean and 10% of women wear them more than one time, and so does AJ, so McCall wants to hand him a crushing defeat for the #DebateAt8. If you’re going to put together a ranking then you should probably not have a hate for one of things you’re going to try, right? A ranking was done of the Doritos flavors and the guy didn’t like ranch so Cool Ranch finished 11/16 and that’s ridiculous! What’s your favorite flavor?