AJ & McCall 04/11/18

What does it mean to ‘home for 14 miles’? That’s our Word of the Week Wednesday, and McCall’s own typo. She decided it mean to skip, sweat and cry. What were your funniest typos and auto-corrects of the past week? The internet, AJ & McCall included, is all worked up over the fancy G. Apparently it’s called the double story G, and we’re not sure how to write one. Do you use cursive anymore besides your signature? It’s National Pet Day and today is a twofer for the #DebateAt8. Does your pet watch TV? Do your kids have any unusual tastes in shows or YouTube videos? Today is the day AJ faces his #iPodIdol punishment and is getting waxed at the Perfect 10 so we’re going to play a GIF game! GIF us things less painful than getting waxed.