AJ & McCall 04/12/18

Monday AJ & McCall help us come up with a list of prepared excuses for why we were late, but now it’s a a philosophical question. If you’re late to work but you’re boss is late to work, are you actually late to work? Every once in awhile AJ & McCall are sent tiffs among friends and are asked to solve them, and today a group of friends are arguing about Fruit by the Foot. Is it candy? McCall says it is 100% a snack. Advertising is everywhere and brands are super important, so if you had the chance to be advertising for a company for a bunch of free stuff would you? For the #DebateAt8 you can get free stuff for the rest of your life if you got a visible tattoo of the company’s logo, what tat would you get? From unlimited free stuff to three very tough choices. Bacon, sushi, steak, salads and more, but you only get to pick three for the rest of your life, which would you keep?