AJ & McCall 04/13/18

AJ & McCall love their jobs but do they have their dream jobs? A recent study says less than ten percent of people have their childhood dream job, what was yours? Today is Friday the 13th, oh no! Last October on Friday the 13 AJ & McCall challenged a bunch of superstitions and walked away. *knock on wood* But this go around AJ made plans to see the new horror movie A Quiet Place before he realized what today was. She he avoid it? Are you avoiding anything today? A ‘study’ if we can really call it that, says some of the best food combos are bad for us. Grilled cheese and tomato soup, chips and salsa, sausage and biscuits are all bad for us because they’re tough for your body to digest, and really they’re just trying to kill all our food happiness. Clearly we’re all going to rage about this so it’s just a simple question for the #DebateAt8, what’s the best food duo? The loser of #iPodIdol will have to attempt some magic tricks on campus next week, but what’s the stylistic choice that will determine their fate?