AJ & McCall 04/17/18

#FeelGoodTuesday is about babies! McCall found out she’s going to be aunt and so we want all your feel good and adorable baby announcements and gender reveals. Yesterday McCall told the story about going to the farmer’s market and getting tomato spiders in her car, which she had to bug bomb. For whatever reason, AJ thought that was funny and can’t stop laughing at it. McCall doesn’t get it so we’re going to try and make her laugh. What’s a word or phrase that for whatever reason makes you laugh? It’s tax day and McCall finally got hers done, but with very sad end results. Since she’s not getting a refund we’re going bargain hunting for the #DebateAt8. What’s the best bargain you’ve ever gotten? And of course we aren’t leaving tax day without spending some money, but this is the best kind because it’s metaphorical. If you got a big fat tax return and didn’t have to worry about bills, what would you treat yourself to?