AJ & McCall 04/18/18

AJ & McCall have a meeting with some ice cream later today and want to know when you eat it? Are you ‘all the time’ like McCall or just during the warmer times of the year like AJ? Food is going to be pretty prevalent in today’s show. Heinz did a poll to see if they should bring their invention ‘Mayochup’ to the United States. One problem, it already exists in the U. S. and it’s called Fry Sauce! AJ & McCall are going to word a Tweet to Heinz about how they’re disrespecting the whole state of Utah. What should we Tweet to Heinz? We take a break from food for the #DebateAt8. Apparently exorcisms can now be done over the phone, which seems like a very poor idea. What other jobs should not be done over the phone? Who’s a pickier eater, AJ or McCall? We have a test you can take. How many points did you get?