AJ & McCall 04/19/18

What is going on with planes this past week? Engines have exploded, flights have been cancelled because of smoking engines and there’s now a design for people to stand on the plane because of course we all had too much leg room. With all this happening are you thinking of maybe holding off on flying this year? Yesterday AJ had one of those crystallizing moments about his age while talking to several other staff members that are the same age that have kids and houses and felt super old. McCall also found a study that says you start feeling old at 41, with a few signs to watch out for. Who comes out older between AJ & McCall? The #DebateAt8 started as AJ debating with his girlfriend about the fact that you can sleep in sweatpants and PJ pants, they’re the same for that purpose. However, McCall says you really can’t wear them in public, but AJ disagrees. And thanks to some suggestions we now have our #iPodIdol punishment. If McCall loses tomorrow then she has to wear sweatpants all next week and if AJ loses then he has to dress up all next week.