AJ & McCall 04/20/18

AJ & McCall are declaring it right now, jinx free, spring has arrived in Cache Valley! Of course USU’s End of Year Bash is going on and will be an amazing concert, especially with VFX giving away Meet N Greets, but how are you going to take advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend? Are you maybe seeing a movie this weekend? Avengers Infinity War comes out next week that has AJ pumped and has a boyfriend’s movie rules to his GF going viral. Are these rules tolerable? Do you have any rules when it comes to movies in your relationship? Yesterday we discussed feeling older, but you can’t grow up without some seasoning and a few bumps on the head. What was your worst rookie mistake, learning experience? And for the #DebateAt8 McCall tells a story she kept secret from her mom for years and AJ gets mad again about the time his mom called the cops on him. Friday is #iPodIdol day and the Dress Up, Dress Down punishment has the stakes high. Bruno Mars and Cardi B ‘Finesse’ is the song but how must AJ & McCall sing it?