AJ & McCall 04/23/18

Mitch is joining AJ & McCall this week and came in just in time to hurl some childhood insults. Alexa now has a program that allows you to program a burn list in to sling some insults, technology at its finest! Producer Butterz has an Alexa at his desk and we’re going to prank, so what childhood insults should we put in our list. We still have a bone to pick with Thrillist after ranking the Cool Ranch Doritos flavor 13/16, but today they put together a list of underrated snacks. Nutty Buddy’s made the list, and we couldn’t agree more, but smarties?! They’re terrible! What’s your favorite junk food? Occasionally we get to solve debates and even hand out advice, and today we’re helping out Kristen. She called us to tell us about how she got her dream job and wants to buy her dream car. After all her expenses she’d only have $65 left each month. She wants AJ & McCall, and Mitch, to give her advice for the #DebateAt8. Big thanks to Nancy who brought in candy to try AND we’ll find out who lost #iPodIdol. Will AJ have to wear a suit or will McCall have to wear sweats?