AJ & McCall 04/25/18

We’ve heard of rumored Presidential runs for Kanye and Mitch, so today you’re the President. What would your first act be? Mitch has picked AJ as his VP and says McCall can be whatever she wants. One of the Florida Or Not stories from Monday had a guy that was attacked by a shark, rattlesnake and now bear. Is he lucky or unlucky? What’s your craziest animal encounter? Have you been attacked? Weird food keeps finding us, and this one is coming from AJ’s home. Do you put ketchup on your tacos? It was a #DebateAt8 AJ & McCall and Mitch thought they were all on the same page with, but oh boy they were not. Of course every day VFX hopes to help you find a job with the job report, but what are the most attractive jobs? What are the ones that’ll get you attention on a dating site?