AJ & McCall 04/26/18

Mitch continues his streak of being the best and delivering great forecast news! And speaking of great weather, why are you working out? McCall wants to get herself healthier for her kids in the future and AJ wants to fit back in to old clothes. Mitch is single, so that’s McCall’s new goal in life is to get him wifed. Yesterday, we talked about the most attractive jobs for men and woman and number one for guys was pilot. Brian messaged us saying he’s a pilot and having no luck in the dating department and so AJ & McCall and Mitch are going to help him too with dating advice. What are the turn offs during that first date (eating habits, conversation)? McCall is upset that she binged out her show on Netflix, and in an attempt to bridge gaps for the #DebateAt8, what show would you recommend to someone outside your age group? And let the quoting fun continue! What’s a line from a movie that would be immediately recognizable?