AJ & McCall 04/27/18

Everyday AJ & McCall play Florida Or Not and feature some of the dumbest people in the world, but before we even get there one of the dumbest internet comments is out of Australia. If you were going to comment on a Facebook photo, especially to compliment their baby, wouldn’t you look at the photo? What’s the dumbest text or comment you’ve done? It’s Friday and everyone is getting promotions, though no more money, but a fancier job title. We’re gonna make those business cards pop, so what would your fancier job be? Earlier this week the #DebateAt8 got heated over ketchup on Mexican food, but for AJ it hasn’t stopped. His girlfriend says he needs to try it, but he won’t. If your significant other loves something, should you try it? And maybe AJ will have to eat ketchup on his taco because the iPod Idol Punishment is the loser eating weird foods. The song this week is Bazzi ‘Mine’ but how do they have to sing it?