AJ & McCall 05/03/18

Everyday AJ & McCall make sure to take a look at local news and weather, but today features an extended forecast because terms like hot as heck have now been scientifically clarified. Speaking of weather and seasons in Utah, construction by the way, what are the roads that always seem like they’re always surrounded by orange barrels and cones? Has an item of clothing every gotten you in trouble? Kicked out of a place? AJ & McCall both almost got detention last year at a local high school. We’re not done with travel, or school, because you have to fill in the blank. “I’m behind the car car that’s _____ and about to lose it.” What sets you off to a 10 for the Debate At 8? You can’t be left all riled up, so get rid of all that negative travel energy by telling us what’s the funnest state you’ve been to? A ranking was put together of all 50 states, where do you think Utah came in?