AJ & McCall 05/07/18

Work is being done on contacts that can shoot lasers, they aren’t superhero powerful yet but we all know that’s where they’re going. Would you trust yourself with laser vision? The internet is arguing and, shocker, so are AJ & McCall. IMO is short for ‘in my opinion’ but what does the H in IMHO stand for? Is it honest, humble or something else? McCall had all weekend off and is still steamed about someone cutting in front of her Friday at lunch. Is it rude, yes, but AJ thinks there’s times where it okay. What happened to you last time someone cut in front of you and is it ever okay to cut? McCall says absolutely not for the Debate At 8. iPod Idol is gonna help the loser get in better shape this week with five push-ups every time they mess up, but who is going to lose? And you can keep the loser honest by texting in every time you hear a flub. Just text to 68255 and start your text with VFX.