AJ & McCall 05/08/18

It’s Teacher Appreciation Day! And for Feel Good Tuesday AJ & McCall are shouting out some of their favorite teachers who are retiring this year, including the teacher that is responsible for AJ having a career in radio. Who were some of your favorite teachers? Mitch is back in studios to be the tie breaker. Nick called us in need of advice. He ordered flowers for Mother’s Day and after addressing the company he received two different credits in two different places, should he keep them or say something? A new study says it’s better to shower at night and that a majority of people do, including McCall, but AJ and Mitch think it’s gross to start the day not showered. Plus, it’s the best way to wake up for the morning. The Debate At 8 is when do you shower? While we’re in the bathroom could it be part of some of the worst chores? AJ & McCall have the top 5 and are gonna see if Mitch can guess them Family Feud style!