AJ & McCall 05/08/19

McCall’s face is hurting so the morning starts with a hero dog! AJ was planning to go to the DMV yesterday but didn’t make it which was probably a good thing after discussing weird crashes yesterday but the thing AJ forgot was getting the new ID photo. That’s way worse then having to take the test. Apparently AJ is the weird one because he has never used a drying line and, oh man, he said it was a tinge redneck. McCall is having none of that. McCall has misplaced her keys but normally loses them. What’s the funniest way you’ve lost your keys? But this Debate At 8 isn’t JUST about making fun of McCall, we’ve got to come up with solutions too. Apparently social media is going to make it possible to request appointments but for AJ’s family they are just going to use it to tell him things he should have known months ago.