AJ & McCall 05/11/18

AJ & McCall are blowing out the last of the Monster Truck tickets and the first chance is by making the best Monster Truck sounds possible! Have you ever been in a demolition derby? Would you rather drive a derby car or a monster truck? Everyone is on their phones all the time, but where’s the worst place to use your phone? Where’s the rudest place to use your phone? We’re giving away more Monster Truck tickets for the Debate At 8, but what’s the best free thing you’ve scored? What’s the best thing you’ve found or won? AJ & McCall are off for iPod Idol this week with videographer Denise celebrating his anniversary, but we’re still talking punishments. AJ & McCall have done crazy things like proposing to strangers, performing stand-up comedy, dancing and being a deranged Easter Bunny, but what else should they do? What are some punishments/challenges AJ & McCall should face?