AJ & McCall 05/14/18

AJ & McCall are starting the week off with another unnecessary, ridiculous study. What music do sharks like, of course information we needed to know. The answer is jazz and swing and AJ just hopes this ends all the shark movies we keep getting. What music do your pets like? Friday’s Drop the Mic was on who’s the oldest, but not by age because that’s too easy and not true. Who’s the the adultier adult in your relationship? The mature, responsible one that takes care of things? The question AJ & McCall get asked all the time is ‘When are you getting married?’ And now all their friends and family are having babies, which is great, but what are the most magical moments in life. For the Debate At 8 tell us your top 5 magical moments, those indescribable moments in your life. If you missed it Papa John’s is now selling their garlic butter in gallon form, smart decision, so what else should be sold in bulk so we can all have it?