AJ & McCall 05/15/18

Our Feel Good Tuesday story of the day is one of very own. Shout out to Holly Wilson for giving the Monster Truck tickets she won from Florida Or Not to a family with less so they could have some Mother’s Day fun. Also, Ed Sheeran met a special fan and we’re pretty sure he’s going to write a song for him. Summer is quickly coming upon us and that means hiking and flip flops and dirty feet, so do you wash your feet? Do you take time each shower to scrub your feet like AJ, or does hot soapy water do enough to clean it for McCall. We’re fresh off of Mother’s Day and McCall is feeling gift fatigue. She had her boyfriend’s, little brother’s birthday and then Mother’s Day all within a few months and now needs something for a graduation present for her oldest brother. What do you give for graduation presents? Tell us for the Debate At 8 what you got for graduation. Did your mom get her present or did you wait until after those sky high shipping costs for the weekend? The last text you sent is now your Mother’s Day card, what did it say?