AJ & McCall 05/16/19

The internet is upset that Taylor Swift admitted to shaving her legs each day, which McCall says is impossible. AJ is more grossed out by the fact McCall is a little uncertain on the answer for ‘Do you wash your legs each day?’ Everyone welcome intern Kaydi who is just annoyed as McCall is with the bogus apologies on YouTube. Since McCall is a vlogger AJ and Kaydi are going to help her prepare for her eventual apology she’s going to have to make. In the After Show podcast yesterday Producer Butterz admitted to making his Kool-Aid a weird way, and then a comment bridged the gap to Ramen which shouldn’t have been possible. What weird food concoctions do you eat for the Debate At 8? Does anyone like LaCroix because if your critical Vita Water set the standard for the clap back.