AJ & McCall 05/18/18

When is too old to be living at home? A 30 year-old son is being sued by his parents because he won’t move out and AJ & McCall’s minds are blown. Why would you not want your own place for dating or more out of life then just mooching? Are his dating aspects worse then the Toronto pooper from Florida or Not? How about the trifecta of crazy with conspiracy theories. Does your phone listen to you? What ads popped up that you just happened to be talking about around your phone that made you wary? McCall got a message from a lady who was recently divorced and is unsure what to do with her dress, ring and photos. For the Debate At 8, should our mystery woman destroy the things, keep them or donate them? iPod Idol returns! Next week the loser will have to read a speech, never before seen, written by the winner. This week’s song is Dua Lipa ‘IDGAF’ but what is the stylistic choice?