AJ & McCall 05/21/18

It’s the start of AJ’s birthday week, well almost. A week from Tuesday is AJ’s birthday, and our exclusive premiere of Solo, so to start with McCall has a list of all the words born across all the years. What word was born the same year as you? This summer AJ’s mom may send his sisters to visit but is nervous about them flying by themselves. They’re 17 and 16 and have flown before so AJ isn’t seeing a big problem with it. What age is too young for a kid to travel by themselves? Marty called to vent about someone lecturing himself and his wife about taking his 10 year old son to see Deadpool 2. Said stranger told Marty and his wife that they’re terrible parents despite admitting he didn’t have kids of his own. What age should a kid be to see Deadpool or an R rated movie? AJ & McCall also share the stories of their first R rated movie for the Debate At 8. Loser is reading a speech they’ve never seen before this week for losing iPod Idol, but who lost?