AJ & McCall 05/22/18

Humility is the normal choice for AJ & McCall but for Feel Good Tuesday we’re giving ourselves some self-love. We all need to feel the appreciation so tell us what you’re awesome at. What things are you good at that you deserve a shout out for? Intern Regan is in studios for her first show today and we’re talking about first jobs. Did AJ or McCall have the worst first job? What was your first job and who had the worst?  Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, had several exes at his wedding this weekend and that just doesn’t seem like a good idea. Would you go to an ex’s wedding or invite an ex to yours for the Debate At 8? Intern Regan is the only one in the room married and she says she would have invited exes to her wedding if it was okay with her husband. McCall lost some animals this weekend, including her rooster that she really wasn’t partial too. That being said it is Feel Good Tuesday and he deserves a moment, so McCall will be delivering a eulogy.