AJ & McCall 05/23/18

Who is getting a mustache today? Lots of important people in the building and the wager was would AJ get a hit in his softball game. If no hit then he gets stached and if he got one then McCall will have some lip fur. Mitch is back in studios to back up the story too. All that eating better and working out to lose weight and all you have to do is leave your shoes by the door, according to a study? Do you wear your shoes in to your house or leave them at the door? Yesterday’s Debate At 8 was all about exes and weddings but today is about preventing that from even happening by stopping a relationship early. If your friend is getting with someone that you don’t feel right about do you, should you have that talk with them to let them know that maybe it’s not a good idea? How many people can we get in the VFX studio? How many people makes it feel cramped in an elevator? One percent of people would prefer to be cramped in an elevator and those people are obviously insane.