AJ & McCall 05/24/18

A little teaser for Florida or Not, a city in Florida had a prank played on their Emergency Alert Texting Service say that a power outage was caused by a zombie attack. If you could send a prank text via the Emergency Texting service what would it say? AJ & McCall’s favorite game is spending metaphorical money and we’re doing it again BUT we some self-awareness. What are the things you WANT but don’t NEED? McCall had a panic attack this weekend because she lost, but luckily found, her debit card. For the Debate At 8 what’s the most expensive thing you lost? Did you find it? McCall had to write a speech for AJ to read, never seen before live on air for losing iPod Idol. And what’s the punishment AJ & McCall will be playing for tomorrow? That’ll be happening on AJ’s birthday at the exclusive premiere of Solo: A Star Wars story which means there’s going be more embarrassment AJ can’t escape.