AJ & McCall 05/25/18

AJ & McCall got recruited in to a prank that involves bikes and need help because AJ doesn’t know how to ride a bike. Should he learn? AJ & McCall got a phone call yesterday asking for dating advice, which we’ll get in to later, that used the word endearing for something we would rather describe as creepy. What is the endearing thing that made you fall for your partner? Show them some love before the Memorial Day weekend. Mike called in to ask for some advice because on his first date with a girl he met online and when he got to her house she had a framed picture of him that he didn’t give her, BUT is still considering a second date. What advice would you give Mike? The Debate At 8 is also a twofer because Mitch is feeling down about dating and we want him to see that it is way worse then just some not clicking dates, so what are your worst first date stories? AJ’s birthday is on Tuesday and either he or McCall is getting cake in the face before the VFXclusive premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story, but how are they going to have to sing Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris ‘One Kiss’ for iPod Idol?