AJ & McCall 05/31/18

Glasses not only make you appear smarter but bad eye sight is tied to intelligence, but is it the case with AJ & McCall? Do they look more intelligent with their glasses on? It’s only fair to establish that neither AJ or McCall are getting engaged, but there are wedding dilemmas. AJ told a friend he’d go to his wedding in Miami but then the date got moved from a Saturday to a Thursday and he’s waffling. What should he do? Speaking of weddings, a new trend with weddings is invoices being sent to guests who RSVP but don’t show up. Is that appropriate? For the Debate At 8 would you consider sending invoices out to those guests who bailed without an excuse? Tomorrow is iPod Idol and AJ & McCall are playing for hair! The loser will have their hairdo determined, color and style, by the winner. And there’s a new milk on the market that could make a future appearance as an iPod Idol Punishment.