AJ & McCall 06/01/18

It’s National Doughnut Day! First AJ & McCall want to define a doughnut because Burger King doesn’t get it and then figure out what the best doughnuts are. What’s your favorite? Everyone is ready for the weekend and maybe plans with friends and family, but if they get cancelled don’t you feel just a little relieved? As long as you aren’t the one cancelling it’s totally okay and everyone agrees. What’s the worst hair decision you’ve made, could be inspiration for this week’s iPod Idol punishment? Today is a big day for AJ & McCall, it’s their one year together as a team! Do you celebrate workaversaries? Today’s Debate At 8 is the ULTIMATE Debate At 8! Who is the best debater among AJ & McCall after one year. Three of the biggest topics from the past year and you decide who wins with the loser facing a handicap for iPod Idol. The most severe punishment yet for iPod Idol with the loser having no control over their hair, but what is the stylistic choice?