AJ & McCall 06/04/18

What are the Sins of Summer, the things that you have to do to actually have a summer? VFX has the cure for all the sins and it means big winning! It’s a sin not to enjoy your yard and we’re going to help you do just that, keep listening on how to win. Father’s Day around the corner and there’s a new candle out for him and it’s meat smells. A1 is releasing three candles with meat scents and AJ & McCall are feeling like this is more like a cruel prank you’d play someone. Would you buy them but, more importantly on the subject of meat, what do you put on your steak? Anything? AJ visited his pool for the first time this summer and had a somewhat gross encounter, but not the worst. McCall says she can flat out beat any other gross story. Share the grossest things you’ve encountered at the pool for the Debate At 8. The loser of iPod Idol is getting a new hair do for the summer and has no say in the matter because it’s picked by the winner, whos it going to be?