AJ & McCall 06/05/18

Congratulations to all the graduates! You’re heading out in to the big scary world and we’re not gonna let you do it alone! We’re writing a letter full of inspiration and advice one line at a time, comment yours so all the graduates in the world can be prepared. What word can’t you spell? For AJ it’s always restaurant, for McCall it’s embarrassment, and for Mitch it’s rhythm. And we’re dishing up server’s revenge. What are the things you held back saying to rude customers that you can say now? Yesterday, McCall got triggered by people putting things on their steaks and today we’re all going to for the Debate At 8. What are the small things that are massively annoying to you? Friday AJ & McCall, Mitch and Producer Butterz played a Survival Game and you can today too. Plus, it has a chance for you to win!