AJ & McCall 06/13/18

Everyone wants to get rich but how are you going to make it happen? One third of people, of all ages, are counting on inheritance to strike a fortune and this is one of the most ridiculous things AJ & McCall have ever heard. Instead they’re going to play VFX Rapid Fire of things much more fun and realistic when it comes to building a fortune. In China they’ve built lanes for people walking with their faces in their phones, good idea? And why stop there to alleviate that traffic headache? What other lanes should be created? A video has gone viral of a pitcher hugging his best friend after striking him out to win a high school championship and people are actually mad and degrading the kid. For the Debate At 8 should the kid be embarrassed? Kim Jong Un brought a personal toilet with him to his summit meeting, would you take one with you if it was affordable? Are there other appliances in the house you’d rather take with you?