AJ & McCall 06/14/18

It’s Throwback Thursday and AJ & McCall and crew are throwing it back on traditional names. Have you ever known a Karen, Linda or Harold as a kid and not an adult? Do you have a nickname that you go by for one of those older sounding names? AJ thinks Intern Regan has one of those names, but McCall and Mitch don’t agree. Who has been grounded as an adult? Your kids tattled on you and got you in trouble, rat em out ahead of Father’s Day. Call McCall Dr. Phil because a friend needs advice again. ‘Ally’ went on a first date but when she got to the coffee shop it was closed only to find out her date had gone to another one without saying anything. Should she go on a second date, and where are good first date places to go? And the crew get a surprise Debate At 8 call in. A good first date question is playing the Desert Island game. Five TV Shows for the rest of your life, what are you picking?