AJ & McCall 06/15/18

Who has their present for Father’s Day? AJ just divides it up with his siblings and they all say it’s from all of them, anyone else do that? McCall’s family does more white elephant for just one person. How do you do gifts? McCall called her dad and he says butatoes, yes with a b. Her stepdad’s family calls Netflix Neckflix. Do your parents pronounce words in weird ways, or just entirely incorrectly? It’s only when you clean out your car that you realize just how much stuff you have accumulated. AJ did just that and realized he has some pretty weird things in his car, but McCall may still take it. What things do you have in your car that would be hard to explain for the Debate At 8? A lady in Minnesota got her head stuck in a tailpipe, yes the bar is set low. That being said weird accidents do happen, so what have you or your kids’ heads, feet, hands gotten stuck in?