AJ & McCall 06/18/18

AJ & McCall are previewing the Man versus Grill burger contest of Center Street Grill today, and you can sign up to take it on Friday, but what would your all-eat-food of choice? You have 45 minutes to eat as many as you can, what would you pick? A mom won $10,000 and a year’s worth of Reese’s Cups for naming her daughter Reese Eve Cup. Now, yes that is ridiculous but is it all that crazier than some of the celebrity names out there? AJ and Mitch will put product names versus McCall’s celebrity names and we will see which ones are sillier. In some states there are laws that allow officers to pull over left lane loafers, which we applaud, but those people are getting pulled over for following the speed limit essentially. Have you ever been pulled over for a ridiculous reason? Share your story for the Debate At 8. We can’t emphasize enough that we slow people in the traffic lanes annoy us, in fact we don’t trust em! (fill in the blank) I don’t trust people who don’t ______ ?