AJ & McCall 07/27/18

You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your co-worker, so today we’ll play the best of the worst! Eight not so great choices and you’ve got to share an office space with one of them so who are you picking? Are you having cereal today? Have you heard of super cereal? AJ & McCall have done it but only because they’re out of one box, but apparently people purposely mix two cereals to form a cereal, so which two would you mix? Dating is often a topic that comes up for the Debate At 8 and today it’s parents. In a relationship what is the line for meeting and spending time with your significant other’s parents? It’s parade season and the loser of iPod Idol will have to dance/walk at the next parade, but what stylistic choice will AJ & McCall have to sing Post Malone ‘Better Now’?