AJ & McCall 10/29/18

All the fun parts of the show! It’s a new and improved podcast focusing on just the fun of AJ & McCall! AJ is back from his vacation, but just how many places did he visit. An argument between him and the girlfriend is does it count as visiting a place if you never leave the airport? What about road trips that you only stop to get gas, did you really visit those states? While on vacation AJ slept all of the places to get his naps in, but McCall still has him beat. Where is the weirdest place you napped? Halloween is Wednesday and we’re all excited but should it be Wednesday? AJ says move it to the weekend but McCall says keep it the 31st. When should Halloween be for the Debate At 8? And no matter what it’ll still be this Wednesday and we need to make sure we have the right candy, so what’s the best candy?