AJ & McCall 10/07/17

It’s #FeelGoodTuesday! What are you excited about or looking forward to? AJ is ready for Thanksgiving and McCall has walls! Today AJ & McCall were doing something special for the Drop the Mic podcast this week and have really had a blast getting out and doing fun things like the Haunted Slopes and seeing Jigsaw in the theaters. And next Friday at 1pm they’re trying strawberry pizza at Pizza Plus in Hyrum, and you can try it too! They want to do more, so where would you like to see them go? What are events you’d want to come to and take part in? We’re coming up on holiday season and Tiffany’s is hoping to take advantage of impulse buyers by releasing everyday items for ridiculous prices. There’s no reason to buy these, so for the #DebateAt8 what’s your worst impulse buy? And AJ still doesn’t get emojis, while McCall uses them constantly. Apple released the top 10 most used emojis, what are yours?