AJ & McCall 11/29/17

Thanksgiving is all done and now AJ & McCall are all in on Christmas, starting with the tree. A popular trend this year…an upside down tree. AJ has never heard of this, have you? Ever done something different than the normal stand up and decorate tree? Now that we’re between Thanksgiving and Christmas, especially right after Turkey Day, there’s 100% a holiday hangover. A list was put together of the best perks not in the United States. What perks do you want to see added to your job? McCall is buying presents for three people and AJ is buying presents for that many coworkers. Where is the line for who gets a present? For the #DebateAt8 how do you decide among friends and coworkers who you buy a gift for? And speaking of coworkers, AJ & McCall got invited to a work Christmas party. Are there any rules or guidelines they should follow to avoid trouble?