AJ & McCall 11/01/17

AJ & McCall got beef, instead of sausage actually. Yesterday, McCall wanted breakfast and had an awful customer service experience. One so bad in fact that she’s going to make a phone call higher up in the chain. Have you ever been in that situation? How did you deal with it? We hope you had a Happy Halloween and scored big on candy, but what’s the weirdest thing you or your kid has gotten trick or treating? And now that we’ve taken all the bad candy and weird things out of the trick or treating bags, do you steal the candy? Parents, how do you take your kids’ candy for the #DebateAt8? Don’t forget it’s free taco day! Today from 2-6p you can get a free taco from Taco Bell and AJ & McCall are going on #TacoTrek2! Last time they got five each and they’re hoping to set a new record!