AJ & McCall 11/03/17

There’s a guy in Ohio that has eaten at Chipotle for 365 consecutive days and is going for the record of 425! AJ & McCall are amazed because streaks aren’t part of their lives. It changes each day, which leads to the #vfxStreakOff! For the month of November AJ has to post each day about something he’s thankful for and McCall has to read a chapter of a book. AJ & McCall are seeing Jigsaw tomorrow night at 750 at the Providence Megaplex and McCall is sure she’s going to have nightmares about it. In fact, McCall is afraid of octopus because of a dream she had when she was a kid. Have you ever had a dream that lingered? Now you’re afraid of something? Or someone did you wrong in a dream and you woke up and called them out on it? AJ & McCall got heated over fruit on pizza yesterday and today it is how you take your tables. The #DebateAt8, is it liquid first and then pill or pill first and then liquid? And thank you very much for getting us to 5800 Facebook LIKES! Every 100 is a prize drawing and every 500 is a BIGGER prize. #LikeOfTheDraw