AJ & McCall 11/06/17

AJ & McCall Drop the Mic on Inspirational Quotes on Friday. What are inspiring quotes or songs to you? VFX brings you ‘Kids say the Silliest Things!’ We want to share inspiration and laughs to get through a cold Monday. What’s the silliest thing your kid has ever said? Who can make AJ & McCall laugh the hardest? At last year’s holiday party they played the game Beanboozled, and we’re pretty sure they’re gonna play again this year. AJ tried one shortly after he got hired and got skunk, the worst flavor he has ever tasted. McCall says hers is oysters out of a can. The #DebateAt8 is what’s the worst flavor you’ve ever had? Friday started the #vfxStreakOff and started strong on their challenges. Will they go double or nothing if they tie, OF COURSE! What are some month long challenges they should take on? And all this week we have Logan Holiday Gift Show tickets.