AJ & McCall 11/08/17

McCall is having a mail problem, it was her mistake, and didn’t want to wait an hour on the phone to sort it out. People also camped out over night for the iPhone X, so AJ & McCall want to know what your longest wait time was. Can anyone beat AJ waiting six weeks to get his stuff from the moving company? A recent study found this time of the year is the moss stressful at work, but AJ & McCall aren’t feeling it. When is the most stressful time at your job? Yesterday an old coworker told AJ & McCall he loves listening to their show and that they don’t sound like nails on a chalkboard, which got them discussing the worst sound in the world. What sound makes you cringe? What sound can you stand? #DebateAt8 And all week long we’ve been giving away Logan Holiday Gift tickets and today we bring back #Emojioke! Can you guess the name of the song?