AJ & McCall 11/09/17

AJ & McCall know it’s early and we all want to just roll over and go back to sleep, BUT is winter the best season to sleep during? McCall says bears hibernate and that’s the end of the argument, but AJ isn’t sure that it’s just about avoiding the cold. If you could sleep for an entire calendar month, which would you pick? Yesterday we learned what a raccoon rave was. What event, concert, shooting, sporting event, caused you to lose your hearing? And speaking of concerts, a study was done on the most expensive cities to see a concert in. If money was no object who would you see and where would you see them? AJ & McCall have some loopholes for the #DebateAt8. One of the loopholes was an amusement park, but where do you sit on a roller coaster. Yes, the front and back are best, but are they if you have to wait forever to ride them?