AJ & McCall 11/10/17

McCall tore her favorite jeans and AJ HAS BEEN pantsed. What is your worst wardrobe malfunction? Also, just because AJ wears clothes with holes in them, when do you throw away clothing? Do you have a good impression of AJ & McCall? You could win! The #DebateAt8 often is a way for AJ & McCall to sort out their disagreements and today is no different. When it comes to mints, suckers and suckable candies, how long do you suck on it? Do you chomp immediately, #TeamAJ, or do you suck on it until it’s almost gone? #TeamMcCall And the end of the week means an ELIMINATION CHALLENGE! AJ & McCall play ‘Never Have I Ever’ and the loser will have to do a punishment. Fun fact, AJ lost and you can vote on his punishment this weekend.