AJ & McCall 11/14/17

#FeelGoodTuesday because AJ & McCall are all about getting back what you send out. What are excited about from this past weekend or coming up? Yesterday AJ & McCall updated the VFX Voicemail only to realize AJ doesn’t have his set up at all. What kind of voicemail do you have (funny, serious, couple)? Also, what’s the weirdest thing to show up on your caller ID? AJ got a call from + and McCall got a call from 000-000-0000. This Christmas will be the first for AJ and his girlfriend and he’s curious if they should come up with some gift giving rules. Do you have any Christmas gift guidelines? The 2017 National Toy Hall of Fame class has been selected and it seems underwhelming. Also, how do you get on that committee? And we hit 5900 Facebook Likes! Thank you.