AJ & McCall 12/05/17

It’s #FeelGoodTuesday and McCall got her car back and had a celebrity encounter on Twitter. AJ & McCall want to know if any celebrity could follow you, who would it be and what would you ask? A list was put together of the most Googled ‘Why do…’ questions in each state, and yes some of them are pretty silly. What’s the silliest/most ridiculous question you’ve asked because of a brain lapse? AJ once went to Google to figure out which state the Texas Chainsaw Massacre happened in and McCall forgot how to spell ‘of.’ AJ & McCall are at opposite ends of Christmas lights for the #DebateAt8. Colored or white for decorating? McCall faces her punishment for losing #iPodIdol and that is Text Roulette. She has to send a random text to someone in her phone. And another predictive text game. Start with ‘You can have my heart but in return I want a…’ Tell us what you come up with.